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Why does this babe look familiar? By Scott Garpot

Do you remember a few months ago we featured a Babe from the Dirty South? That's right her name was Justene Jaro - she was a wild one. Guess what? She has a sister! We decided to head back to Hotlanta and see what Dawn Jaro is all about!

IGN: Well today we are sitting here with Justene Jaro&#Array;oops &#Array;I mean Dawn Jaro! [Laughs]

Dawn: Hello!

IGN: Do you get that a lot - being mistaken for your sister?

Dawn: Yeah my whole life; it's ok I totally understand, though! The same goes with her. Some people either think we look exactly alike or nothing alike, it's never in between.

IGN: What is your ethnicity?

Dawn: Filipina and Puerto Rican.

IGN: Where were you born and raised?

Dawn: Born in Tacloban, Philippines. Raised in Atlanta, Georgia - I'm a southern girl.

IGN: Where do you call home now?

Dawn: Home is always here in Georgia.

IGN: Hottest thing to do in the ATL?

Dawn: [Laughs] Atlanta itself is hot and humid! But strip clubs - J is the place to go, everyone goes there here. It's home of the strip clubs.

IGN: What was your favorite subject in school?

Dawn: Well it used to be history. But now that I'm an art major, I love my art classes. I never took art classes in high school because I always saw myself as college prep student, but I found my love in art.

IGN: Are you still correctly going to school? Work?

Dawn: I go to school two days a week from 9am to 9pm. Go to work the other days. And hit the gym 4 days a week. I really overloaded myself this semester, but it was on purpose.

IGN: Do you still go on dates or are you taken? [Smiles]

Dawn: A date! What's that? [Laughs]. No I've been taken for 5 years now.

IGN: Turn-ons?

Dawn: Love a guy that can fight. I know that sounds crazy. But I like the idea of people knowing that they can't mess with me without getting beat up! I love confidence; ambition and power&#Array; think Al Pacino in Godfather&#Array;oh
la la!

IGN: Turn-offs?

Dawn: I'm not into pretty boys or metro sexuals. I like my manly men.

IGN: Biggest difference between you and your sister?

Dawn: I always have to be doing something, and she always wants to sleep! I'm very quiet and she very loud. We're Ying and Yang.

IGN: What tunes are you listening to now?

Dawn: I have reggaeton mixes, and I'm into Lil' Wayne right now!

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