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Published: 09:06 BST, 9 March 2017 | Updated: 11:45 BST, 9 March 2017

Boob job 'scrounger' Josie Cunningham claims she has bagged a 65-year-old 'sugar daddy' who has showered her with £10,000 of luxury presents in just four weeks -including £3,000 in cash, a Swarovski watch, a Chanel picture frame and even a top-of-the-range cordless vacuum cleaner.

Cunningham, 26, was dubbed 'the most hated woman in Britain' after having £4,800 breast enlargement surgery on the NHS. 

Now she risks fresh outrage by bragging about the apparent affair with the married man on Twitter and in a series of text messages to friends.

She said her taxpayer-funded breasts are 'the most famous ts in the country' which means she can charge 'a premium' for them.

The mother-of-four said: 'If I mention something I like, then the money or gift just appears in my bank. I have the most controversial boobs in the country. Of course they are going to come at a premium rate.' 

Boasts: Josie Cunningham became notorious for undergoing a breast enlargement on the NHS but is now bragging, in text messages and on her Twitter page, that she has a sugar daddy who she is charging a 'premium' for access. 'If I mention something I like, then the money or gift just appears in my bank', she told MailOnline

Sugar daddy gifts: Cunningham, 26, is unashamedly boasting that her taxpayer-funded breasts have bagged her an admirer who has splashed thousands on her. She said: 'I have the most controversial boobs in the country. Of course they are going to come at a premium rate'

The Leeds-born glamour model, who blew £3,000 of taxpayer's money on dental work last year, claims she met the mystery oil worker – who spends half of each month on a rig in the North Sea – just six weeks ago through a mutual friend, and says she struck up a sexual relationship with him two weeks later. 

'I'm not doing anything wrong. I genuinely like him and the gifts are just a bonus,' she said. 'The age gap shouldn't matter. In the words of the Spice Girls, I want a man, not a boy who thinks he can.'

In a series of text messages, the mother-of-four boasted to friends about her new Swarovski watch and necklace, claiming that in the last month alone, the sugar daddy had given her '£6k gifts, £3k cash and £1k for fillers, hair, tans etc'.

In a series of messages peppered with emojis, she said: 'It's a mutual thing. Besides… these are the most famous t in the country, they come at a premium.'

Fancy: Josie has boasted that her sugar daddy has bought her a mirrored chest-of-drawers worth £300 among many other gifts 

Bling: Josie claims that she simply has to express an interest in expensive items, including this confectionery dish worth £80 from an independent shop, or the table and chairs (£550) where she eats dinner each night, and her 'sugar daddy' buys them for her 

Price to pay: The 26-year-old has tweeted about her 'suga daddy' but has been receiving gifts for months, she claims, including this Swarovski watch 

The full list of presents received by Miss Cunningham in the last month includes an £800 Canada Goose jacket, a £400 crushed velvet bed, £3,000 cash and £1,000 on cosmetic procedures such as chemical skin peels, eyebrow threading and fake tans.

A close friend of the former escort girl told MailOnline: 'Josie seems to really like him but the fact he buys her presents and gives her money nearly every day might be the main reason behind her attraction to him.

'She doesn't even have to ask, she just gets a text saying there's more money in her account.

'They had a conversation the other day about a Canadian goose jacket that was £800, the next morning one was delivered to her door.'

Last year, Miss Cunningham blew £3,000 of taxpayers' money on dental surgery – but ended up with six dentures rather than the sparkling veneers she wanted as she hadn't understood the difference.

Girlfriend gifts: As well as pricey items of interior decor, such as the Coco Chanel picture frame worth £180, right, Josie says the married man she is seeing has given her this Canada Goose jacket costing £800

Bizarre bonanza: Far from confining himself to lavish trinkets and items of clothing, Josie's 'sugar daddy' has provided her with a mattress worth £350 from Barker and Stonehouse, paid for £400 new spotlights for the sitting room and even handed her £3,000 in cash

She later appeared on Loose Women and said she had realised that beauty comes from within, and regretted having a 12-week abortion so she could have plastic surgery on her nose.


Vax Cordless hoover: £300

Swarovski watch: £300

Coco Chanel picture frame: £180

Confectionery dish: £80

Table and chairs: £550

Mirrored chest-of-drawers: £300

Mirrored TV unit: £250

Barker and Stonehouse mattress: £350

Crushed velvet bed: £400

Philips Widescreen TV: £500

Two pairs of Ugg boots: £300

Cosmetic Procedures (chemical skin peels, HD eyebrow treatments, fake tans): £1,000 

New spotlights for the sitting room: £400

Canada Goose jacket: £800

Cash: £3,000 

Appearing on the ITV daytime show, she told the panel that her previous 'attention-seeking' ways had been a result of being bullied as a child, and thanked the show's presenters for helping her turn her life around ahead of the birth of her fourth child.

'I have learned that life doesn't revolve around Botox and teeth and looking perfect,' she said. 'You can find beauty within and I believe now that I feel beautiful on the inside.'

She then announced plans to live-stream the birth via Periscope – but changed her mind after suffering a painful labour and destroying her mobile phone by throwing it against a wall.

Last month, her ex-lover denied he was the father of her fourth child in a bizarre courtroom outburst.

Sakewell Nicholson, 26, called Miss Cunningham 'scum' after admitting causing criminal damage to her home in Tingley, West Yorkshire by smashing its solar-powered garden lights after a row.

Appearing at Leeds Magistrates Court, he interrupted defence solicitor Adrian Smith as he told the court his client was the father of Ms Cunningham's baby.

He said: 'I don't know if I am the father, she won't give me the blood. She was the biggest mistake of my life, she's scum.'

Mr Nicholson had to pay £85 in court costs and a £20 surcharge.

Free money! Josie says she has been enjoying a windfall for the last few months thanks to a 'sugar daddy' who puts money into her bank account and gives her lavish gifts 

Boasts: Josie, right, told friends she is receiving the gifts as a 'mutual thing' and said she gets a premium because she has 'famous' breasts, left

Brag: The 26-year-old has sent boastful messages about her gifts but insists that the relationship is mutual and that she likes her lover, who at 65 is 39 years her senior

Boast: Josie has tweeted her thanks to her 'suga daddy' on Twitter by posting a picture of her TV, a gift from the married oil worker 


Josie Cunningham became a household name when she admitted undergoing £4,800 worth of breast enhancement surgery paid by the NHS to increase her bust from a 32A to 36DD.

She claimed she needed the surgery because she had been bullied since the age of 14 for being flat chested.

Later it also emerged that she received Botox on the NHS over a 'sweat problem'.

Josie's most controversial outburst came when she publicly considered aborting the child because the pregnancy prevented her from appearing on Channel 5's Big Brother.

The mother-of-four later said she was receiving negative attention on public transport and asked the council to provide her with a £6,000-a-year taxi to take her children to school.

The former escort made headlines again when she said now wanted a nose job - funded by the public.

She set up a website called to encourage people to donate towards the £3,000 cosmetic operation.

She claimed she was fed up of people comparing her to The Muppets' Miss Piggy and now wants a brand new nose which is a 'cross between Michelle Keegan and Jennifer Aniston'. 

Another headline-grabbing moment came when the Leeds-born 26-year-old stepped out with a Girl Power painting sprawled over her bump, before announcing she would be setting up a trust fund to pay for her daughter's boob job.

Josie had previously suggested she would reimburse the NHS for the cost of her controversial breast enhancement surgery.

Using the hashtag #BritishPublic0JosieCunningham1, Josie said she made the decision because '80% of the country are against' her.

She had earlier spoken of her devastation when doctors told her she was having a third boy, admitting she smoked a whole packet of cigarettes and drank one glass of wine after the other because she felt 'genuinely gutted'.

Afterwards, she decided to sell tickets to the live birth of her child. Four tickets to the home birth had sold out in just 14 minutes - netting her £30,000.

It is thought that three of the four tickets were purchased by journalists while the fourth is believed to have been bought by somebody described as 'a super-fan'.

She later said that 50 fans would be able to log on to the video chat service Skype and watch the former prostitute's delivery via videolink.

But, despite saying some of the money would go back to the NHS, she had a change of heart when she found out she was having a girl.

In another twist, Miss Cunningham also revealed she had wrongly told one man that he was the father of her three-month-old daughter by sending him the wrong DNA result.

She had asked three men to take a paternity test to determine who was Grace's father and wrote the outcome in cards to be delivered in time for Christmas Day.

But she mixed up the notes and sent the positive result to the wrong man.

In May last year, she was sacked from a job at a tanning salon in Walsall, West Midlands, after just one day.

Bondi Tanning said Miss Cunningham was fired after yobs egged the store front and she received too much 'negative attention'. 

She told how she returned to working as a prostitute as it is the only way her showbiz lifestyle can be maintained. 

She was also cleared of a revenge porn charge last year after being accused of posting a naked picture of her ex-lover Andrew Goy, 33, on Twitter.

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