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Published: 15:18 BST, 8 May 2017 | Updated: 07:55 BST, 9 May 2017

Nicola McLean has revealed that she's no longer able to have children, as she'll need to have a hysterectomy, following a long battle with polycystic ovary syndrome.

The 35-year-old glamour model - already mother to sons Rocky, 11, and Striker, six, fought back tears when she made an appearance on Monday's episode of Loose Women, where she opened up about her health woes and anxiety issues.

With her eyes welling up and lips trembling, Nicola said of the prospect of never giving birth again: 'It is what it is. I've got two boys, so I'm lucky. I really did want another one. I find them so cute... I really did want more babies, I really did.'

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Health woes: Nicola McLean has revealed that she's no longer able to have children, as a long-running battle with polycystic ovary syndrome has left her needing a hysterectomy

The erstwhile Celebrity Big Brother star, who is married to US-based footballer Tom Williams, revealed that her doctor advised for her to undergo a hysterectomy as her condition constantly leaves her with cysts on her ovaries.

She said: 'I’ve had cysts on and off for years. Recently they were infected. I had a temperature of 41 degrees. They are coming back and they are getting bigger. I’m waiting to find out when I can have the operation.

'I have such a big stomach at the minute. My doctor said to me, "How many more times is it going to be before the cysts stop being healthy?"

Proud mother: The former glamour model is mother to sons sons Rocky, 11, and Striker, six

Sadness: Fighting back tears, Nicola admitted that she wanted to give birth to another child

Opening up: She spoke about her ordeal on Monday afternoon with Loose Women co-hosts (l-r) Andrea McLean, Coleen Nolan, Janet Street-Porter and Stacey Solomon

Physical changes: The ex reality TV star said that the cysts have left her with a 'big stomach'

'I always have pre-cancerous cells from my smear tests. I have such bad luck when it comes to women’s problems. I need some good karma.'

The news will be especially heartbreaking for Nicola, as she'd previously told The Sun of her desire to have more children with Tom, with whom she's soon set to renew her wedding vows.

She said: 'I’ve always wanted to do that. If that happens I’d be very happy.' 

When Nicola arrived on the set of the ITV show Loose Women, she was visibly nervous, which prompted her to discuss her anxiety battles as she sat beside her former CBB co-star Coleen Nolan.

Struggles: During her interview, Nicola also spoke openly about her battles with anxiety

Castmate: She shared an affection hug with Coleen, her former Celebrity Big Brother castmate

Eating disorders: As well as her anxiety, Nicola has battled with eating disorders over the years

Patiently waiting: The 35-year-old revealed that she's yet to get a date for her hysterectomy

Anxious: Nicola was visibly anxious when she arrived on the show to talk about her woes

She said of her long-running struggles: 'The first time I made myself sick was when I was 11. The anxiety wasn't as bad back then, but as a child you don't even know what anxiety is... Then I had anxiety worst after the birth of my second son.

'Then my eating disorder flared up again. I can’t pin point it where it all began... But you have to [get on with it]. I'm a mum of two... I have to do the school run... I've had CBT and loads of different types of counselling. It just doesn't work for me. No counsellor knows me more than me, so with medication I just cope.'

During her emotional interview, Nicola chuckled at some of her own issues - like the fact that she fears being left alone after dropping off her sons during their school run and that she relies on Tom to order her takeaways - even when he's in the US.

Something to chew over: Nicola also admitted that she doesn't order her own takeout meals

Cheery: Despite her tough revelation, Nicola tried her best to show a cheery deameanour

Jumpsuit: The star looked stylish for her interview, wearing a red floral off-shoulder jumpsuit

She said of her husband of nine years: 'He orders takeaways for me because I just couldn't do it. I would cry if he said no [to ordering a takeaway].'

Of the shocked reaction to her never ordering her takeaways, she stated: 'What's the problem? I just couldn't order it. There's no way I'd pick up that phone... It's all the stress. What do you say to them? The kids would starve! And I can't do online, I'm not an online person.'

Speaking about some of the more unusual daily issues she faces, Nicola said: 'I think it's quite funny and quite quirky, but people go, "No it's ludicrous."'

The stunning blonde originally married footballer Tom in 2009 and the couple had their two sons before splitting in 2014, after the Arizona United player had an affair with a waitress in the US.

But the couple never divorced, because Nicola wanted to work at things for the sake of their young children. 

Shades of grey: After her revealing interview, Nicola switched ensembles to a grey jumpsuit

Smile: Wearing black-rimmed glasses, she smiled at onlookers outside ITV's London studios

Colour coordinated: She teamed hr casual outfit with a pair of grey slip-ons with pom poms

Making big waves: She wore her golden tresses in voluminous waves for her TV interview

A year later, the pair reconciled, with Nicola making a lighthearted reference to their relationship in her pre-recorded entry video clip for Celebrity Big Brother.

She said: 'Who gives the trolls the right to comment on my marriage? What, is everyone's husband perfect?'  

In March, the reality star was spotted trying on wedding dresses in preparation for their renewal ceremony.

A representative for Nicola confirmed to MailOnline: 'She doesn't wear her old wedding ring at all.  She has a new "engagement" ring from Tom that he gave her at Valentine's but it is being resized as the band was a bit too big for her.' 

As the couple reconciled late last year, Tom confirmed they were back together by sharing a picture with the loving caption: 'This is my girl and my life - what a women , wife and mum. #therewillbehaters.'

Loving mum: TV personality Nicola often proudly speaks of her adorable offspring

Vo renewal: She and footballer husband Tom Williams are planning to renew their vows



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